Commercial, Medical and Specialty Moving Services in Richmond, VA


High Value White Glove Service

Trust your high value items with Commonwealth Movers, Inc. High-value items require exceptional and delicate care. We offers high value White Glove Services. Pick-up and delivery, our professional team wears white gloves and protective booties to make certain high-value, fragile and sensitive items are fully protected from even fingerprints. Proper padding and floor runners are used to protect your home or business during this process.

Medical Equipment

Here at Commonwealth Movers Inc. we realize the extra care and special handling required when transporting expensive lab and medical equipment. Our group of professionals makes it top priority to move this equipment and instruments securely and efficiently. Our team of professionals are specially trained in appropriate packing, handling and driving methods for high-value products. We have skilled packers and craters who use protective padding to ... Read more

Air Freight

We can address any challenges you have with transporting your freight by providing innovative ideas and the means to develop and implement solutions to get the job done.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our distribution solutions are a strategic way to add value to your business. We understand the movement of goods across suppliers, vendors, and customers. It's about getting things where they need to be, on time, while being cost efficient.